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Residential Electrical Repair & Installation Services

Electrical Repair

Lighting upgrades involve installing or replacing fixtures, bulbs, and controls to enhance energy efficiency in electrical repair.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlet installation entails the process of setting up electrical wiring, circuits, switches, and components.


Effective panel changes guarantee an electrical system that is both safe and operational.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring maintenance encompasses conducting regular inspections, tests, and repairs of electrical wiring systems.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting installation entails the process of setting up lighting fixtures to enhance illumination and ambiance in an external environment.

Circuit Breakers

The purpose of a circuit breaker safety inspection is to pinpoint potential hazards and propose necessary corrective measures.

Light Switches

The aim of a light switch safety inspection is to identify possible hazards and recommend essential corrective actions.


Generator installation encompasses the process of setting up generators to ensure reliable power backup and electrical supply in various settings.

Light Fixture Installation

Light fixture installation involves the process of setting up lighting fixtures to ensure their functionality through regular inspections.

Surge Protection

Surge protection installation involves the process of setting up devices to safeguard electrical systems from voltage spikes and enhance the safety of connected appliances and equipment.

Pool Equipment Repair

Pool equipment electrical repair involves the process of addressing and fixing electrical issues related to swimming pool equipment to ensure proper functionality and safety.

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